McLennan Council Notebook, June 13, 2016

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Planting of elm trees in Town of McLennan
On a motion by Councillor John Nairn, the request to plant 160 Elm Trees within the boundaries of the Town of McLennan was approved subject to the following conditions:

Trees must be planted 50 feet apart. Along the northeast entrance of town the trees must not interfere with the road and parking for the cemeteries, therefore trees should be planted in front of the cemetery fence.

South of the highway from the RCMP Detachment, trees are permitted along the south side of the service road only.

In the H.W. Fish Arena parking lot, trees are only permitted along the south side of the tennis court fencing and along the south side of the Hamelin-Leiding playground fence. One tree is permitted at the east and west corner of the arena parking lot.

Along the College Meadows property and from Manoir du Lac to the Manor West trees must be set back a minimum of 16 feet from the curb.

At the west entrance to town, the trees in front of the Lakeside Motor Inn must not interfere with the Chamber of Commerce business signs and must be planted over 15 feet from the access road to the Lakeside Motor Inn and the apartment building.

On the north side of the Highway at the west entrance to the town, trees must be planted a minimum of 16 feet from the highway where possible.

For trees planted on private property, letters from individual property owners must be obtained and a copy provided to the Town Office for our files.

Once a Roadside Development Permit from AB Transportation has been acquired, provide a copy to the Town Office for our files.
Office use for Chamber of Commerce
Approval was granted to the McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce to use an office once a week at the McLennan Town Building.
Church in the Park Event
Council approved the provision of $150 to the Victory Life Church for their annual Church in the Park event. The event takes place September 11 on the College Meadow grounds.
Railway Museum
On a motion from Councillor Margaret Jacob approval was granted to the Northern AB Historical & Railway Museum Society to place a rebuilt railroad bunk car at the Museum.
McLennan Leisure & Recreational Society – Pieter DeWet & Francis Lessard
Pieter DeWet, Dan Drouin and Francis Lessard comprised a delegation to discuss options they explored for the asphalt paving of the walking trail from the Manoir du Lac to the Manor West. The trail was constructed with little slope for the easy maneuver of wheel chairs and for people with a walkers or canes.

The first option discussed is to have a private company pave it at a cost of approximately $75 per metre. The other alternative is to have the Town purchase a mini-asphalt paving machine at a cost of $35,000 US and when the trails are completed, the Town could then use the machine for other sidewalk needs or rent the machine out to generate funds.

The society would supply the materials required to do the paving of the trails if the town purchases the machine. Pieter DeWet indicated that the society has $30,000 of Casino funds they are willing to contribute towards the paving of the trails and they would like the Town to consider collaborating with them on the project.

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