McLennan Council Notebook – January 14, 2019

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Smoky River Express Subscription
The Smoky River Express has cancelled its subscription contract with the Town of McLennan, effective February 1. Anyone who wishes to continue to receive the newspaper will need to purchase a subscription directly from the newspaper.
The Town will post information on its website and Facebook page to keep taxpayers and residents informed.

Council approved an increase to the recycling fee effective for February 1. The new monthly rate for curbside recycling will be $7.67 per housing unit.
The new company “Prairie Disposal“will be commencing curbside recycling on Thursday, February 7. More information will be available at the office, on the town website and Facebook page.

Council approved using the proceeds from the sale of the previous town house for the purchase of a modular home.

Economic Development
Council approved the Smoky River Regional Economic Development 2019 budget and to provide its $14,095.97 share of the requisition.

Tax change impact on Council Honorariums
Effective January 1, 2019, Council honorariums will be fully taxable. Previously, one-third of the honorariums were tax-free but the Federal Government has now eliminated that concession. Councillors formerly received $100 for council meeting, special meeting, committee meeting, workshops or conferences attended. At the January 14 meeting, Council voted in favor to increase honorariums to $135 for meetings, workshops or conferences up to 4 hours and $150 for over 4 hours.

2018 Financial Audit
Council passed a motion by Councillor Christen to appoint Sylvain & Company, CGA as the financial auditor for the 2018 fiscal year.

Peace Regional Victim Services
On a motion by Councillor Delaurier, Council approved providing financial support of $2.00 per capita for a sum of $1,582 to the Peace Regional Victim Services.

Smoky River FCSS
Council approved to provide its share of the requisition for $7,338.25.

STARS Air AmbulanceFamily Day Event
Council approved the McLennan Local Recreation Board using the lakeshore on Sunday, February 17 for its annual family day bonfire.


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