Town of McLennan Council Notebook, January 16, 2017

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Interim Budget
Council approved the 2017 Interim Operating Budget.
Chief Elected Official  (Mayor)
A motion put forward by Councillor Gary Fisher to have administration prepare a Bylaw authorizing Council to appoint the Mayor was defeated. Therefore, in the next election, McLennan residents will continue to have the opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice for the position of Mayor.
Smoky River Regional Economic Development
Council has requested the Economic Development Officer present its 2017 Budget and outline what Smoky River Regional Economic Development has done for the Town of McLennan in the past couple of years. Council wants to ensure that it is receiving value for its $14,000 a year contribution to this program.

Carbon Tax
Council approved sending a letter to Premier Notley regarding its concerns with the carbon tax and its impact on the Town.
Electronic Council Package
Councillor Leo Giroux motioned for a three-month trial of an electronic council package. Electronic packages will be emailed to Council members reducing the cost of producing hard copy packages.
At meetings, CAO Lorraine Willier will display the agenda items on an overhead screen.
Council gave the go ahead to have some willows on the lakeshore mulched this winter.
Elks Hall
Two forced air furnaces replaced the old steam boiler at the Elks Hall.
The furnace contract was awarded to Eugene’s Heating.

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