McLennan Council Notebook – December 10, 2018

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Fire Hall Renovations
Council awarded the contract for the fire hall renovations to Nathan Wilson for $3,030.

Highway Truck Parking
Residents have complained to the Town about trucks parking overnight along the highway near the Social Services building. In response to residents’ concerns, the town will erect signs displaying the designated area for overnight truck parking north of the cemeteries.

Autistic Child Signage
Council approved placing signage on residential streets near Ecole Providence School and the Playground advising motorists to be mindful that Children with Autism may be in the area.

McLennan and District Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair
The Town of McLennan waived the H.W. Fish Arena rental fee for the 2019 McLennan Trade Fair. However, the Town will request a $500 deposit for the cleaning of the ice pad.

Arena Community Meeting
Council supports the McLennan Local Recreation Board initiative to host an Arena Community Meeting on January 23, 2019 upstairs in the arena.

Curbside Recycling
Town of McLennan Council is changing over to Prairie Disposal for Curbside Recycling for a one year term at a rate of $7.67 per user commencing February 1st, 2019.


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