McLennan council appears willing to clear walking trails

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Efforts continue to find a way to clear snow from the walking trails in McLennan.

Dr. Pieter DeWet, president of the McLennan Leisure & Recreation Society, and board member Francis Lessard attending council’s meeting Jan. 11 to discuss the maintenance of the trails during the winter months.

“The trails are really icy and rough,” said Lessard citing their recent condition.

“We thought it’d be a good idea to clear them out. We’d like to encourage people to walk the trails.”

However, who would pay and how much it would cost remained the question.

“How often?” asked Councillor Sue Delaurier. “Every time it snows? We have a budget meeting coming up and we need to know.”

It was eventually agreed the Town would pay for the service after suggestions of cost-sharing with Manoir du Lac and/or Heart River Housing were dismissed.

“No matter how you slice it, it’s a budget item,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout.

The society will provide council with its expectations before the budget meeting, which was Jan. 18. A decision will be reached afterwards.

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