McLennan considers photo radar

Council pleased to hear Smoky River crime rate drops 8%

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The latest crime statistics are down, and that pleases Town of McLennan council.

RCMP S/Sgt. Mark Hall attended council’s March 8 meeting with the news, and asked for council’s policing priorities for the next year.

Criminal Code crime is down eight per cent overall, said Hall, and so were calls to the detachment.

“We had 2,100 calls last year and 2,800 the year before,” said Hall.

“COVID kept everyone at home,” he added.

Specifically, property crime was down six per cent, break and enters down a modest two per cent, theft of motor vehicles down 27 per cent, and theft under $5,000 down 10 per cent.

The only bad news was persons crimes increased 62 per cent.

“COVID has even kept the thieves at home,” said Councillor Dwayne Stout.

“We’re quite happy with what’s happening in town,” he added.

Hall said the detachment continues to work on consulting with the community, and setting up Citizens on Patrol in both the town and rural areas.

The news pleased Councillor Terry Calliou, who said thieves would think twice with a second set of eyes watching.

Hall added vehicles driving around discouraged criminal activity and made crime less likely.

“We’re very hopeful that’s going to be a good project,” he said.

Council’s main concern was addressing speeding trucks through town.

“The big fellas come into town at four o’clock and they’re whistling,” said Stout.

“They’re not going 100 km/hr but they’re not going 50 either.”

Council asked Hall if they could set up photo radar. Hall did not know but said he would provide a response. What he did know, however, is if the municipality wanted to set it up they would have to buy the equipment.

“[Photo radar] will definitely get people to slow down,” said Hall.

Calliou said the truckers were mostly hauling to and from Plains Midstream near High Prairie. Hall said he would like a letter to the company.

RCMP are also working with Smoky River Family and Community Support Services worker Cheryl Isert on the Positive Ticketing Program.

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