McLennan Clean-Up under budget

The Town of McLennan’s annual Spring Clean-Up came in under the $4,000 budget, council heard at its July 11 meeting.
“Our expenses were $3,205.05 [landfill cost, transportation cost and wages], we collected $515 [tipping fee, pick up fee and appliance fee] leaving us a cost of $2,690.05,” says CAO Lorraine Willier.
“This cost is in close comparison to the year prior at $2,339.30,” she added.
Council was pleased the community pride event was under budget but also noted it wasn’t all about money.
“At least we keep our town clean,” noted Councillor Margaret Jacob.
McLennan Spring Clean-up was May 13-16. Fees were kept the same as the previous year to encourage residents to clean up.

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