McLennan adopting new CAO evaluation

City of GP model used

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

There is no shame in taking a good idea and using it.

It’s what the Town of McLennan is doing regarding its chief administrative officer evaluation.

Councillor Marie-Anne Jones worked on the matter and suggested council adopt a solid policy at its Dec. 14. meeting.

“I see a need for us to have a policy,” she said.

“Just to be helpful.”

A policy would clearly define the process including a time period.

“I find if you don’t have a schedule…you skip a few years and it doesn’t get done,” said Jones.

Councillor Sue Delaurier agreed.

“If we don’t have a policy one thing leads to another and it doesn’t get done.”

CAO Lorraine Willier liked the policy used by the City of Grande Prairie, as did Jones and Delaurier.

Councillor Dwayne Stout was not sure, noting that Grande Prairie’s evaluation called for comments from councillors the CAO would be able to see. He preferred some outside help in interviewing councillors and presenting a report.

“Because no one is truthful,” he said.

A previous evaluation cost council about $1,300 which was no concern to him.

“If that’s the difference of making or breaking us, we’re in trouble,” he added.

The matter will be brought back to the Jan. 11 meeting for approval, using Grande Prairie’s template as a model.

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