Mardi Gras dinner theatre coming to JC

Richard Froese
South Peace News

An image from the Jean Cote Local Actors Having Fun [LAHF] Troupe is used to promote the murder mystery dinner theatre Bumped Off On Bourbon Street set for March 7 and 14.

Murder mystery dinner theatre returns to the small community of Jean Cote with a Mardi Gras theme.
Bumped Off On Bourbon Street will be presented by the Local Actors Having Fun [LAHF] Troupe on March 7 and March 14 at the Jean Cote Community Centre.
Guests can get into the spirit of the evening.
“We try to pick a theme that our audience will be able to get different costume ideas for them to dress up as well,” says Hilda Grenier, one of nine characters in the cast.
“We encourage our audience to dress in the theme.”
Prizes will be given for best-dressed woman, best-dressed man and best-dressed couple to be selected by the audience.
“The evening will be full of laughter and the food is always amazing,” Grenier says.
A three-course meal will be served by students between the four acts.
The play for Jean Cote was written by Brenda Moore, another one of the local actresses.
“But it gets edited by the actors as we go along in our practices,” Grenier says.
“We are a unique group that encourages all the actors to have creativity in their part.
“Actors and actresses get to choose their part, costume and edit their dialogue.
“What we start off with at our first practice is not what ends up on stage.
“We have always been a very creative group of people.”
Jacquie Melnyk, Alysia Sharpe, Lynn Florence, Paul Benoit, George Tailleur, Doris Drouin, and Helen Hausler are also starring in the production directed by Lise Poirier.
Behind the scenes, Diane Boucher controls the sound, Charlotte Keally handles the lights and curtains and Madeleine Jordan is the script prompter and understudy.
LAHF started 14 years ago, Grenier says.
Lynn Florence, Carol Labbe, Becky Sasse- ville, Christine St. Laurent and Michelle Duval were the driving force behind the creation of this theatre group, she says.
“It was an idea created for a fundraiser for our community centre and has grown from there,” Grenier says.
“It is still the main fundraiser we do for the maintenance of our community centre.”
The dinner theatre has grown popular over the years as the hall is often filled to capacity of 230.
“Response and support has been phenomenal,” Grenier says.
“We have quite a few people who come every year, but we also get new people who often return the next year.”
A silent auction will also be held as organizers welcome donated items.
“This year we will also be doing a live auction for a couple of items in between the acts,” Grenier says.
Anyone wishing to donate items may phone Keally at [780] 618-8505.
Doors open at 5 p.m. and the play starts at 6 p.m.
Dinner theatre tickets are $60 each.
Tickets are available by phoning or texting Grenier at [780] 618-8664.

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