Manatees coaches offer thoughts about the end of the season

Assistant Coach Charlize Bremont, left, and Coach Natasha Smit for Smoky River Manatees.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Although the Smoky River Manatees didn’t bring home medals from the provincial meet in Edmonton, their coaches are proud of them and all the members of this year’s group for the efforts they put out during the season.

“The experience that our kids got there (in Edmonton) was amazing,” says coach Natasha Smit.

Eleven swimmers qualified for the provincial meet, held in Edmonton during Aug. 18-20, and 10 of them went. They were amongst 1,125 swimmers to compete there – one small club amongst many larger ones.

For Assistant Coach Charlize Bremont, the regional meet in Grande Prairie during Aug. 11-13 was one of the best for the club.

“Everyone tried so hard,” says Bremont. “It was cool to see everyone putting out that effort. They did well.”

The regional meet was cut short due to the heavy smoke from the forest fires in B.C. However, these swimmers did well enough to qualify for the provincial meet in Edmonton.

The role of assistant coach wasn’t something Bremont chose to pursue. However, Bremont loved it once she got into it.

“I liked helping, it was a good year,” she says.

Bremont oversaw the swimmers in the ages 5-12 group and saw a lot of growth in their performances.

Swimming teaches good skills and sportsmanship, adds Bremont.

Smit encouraged her to take on the role and she was pleased with her performance.

“She gained a lot of confidence in herself,” says Smit. “The kids really liked her and she gave way beyond my expectations.”

Bremont has a lot more to give if she decides to become a coach.

“She can now give back to the kids. The club is very lucky to have her.”

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