Man attempts to bring bear spray into courtroom

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Ronald Frank Sutherland, 34, formerly of Grouard, was fined $1,000 after pleading guilty in High Prairie provincial court May 16 to possession of a prohibited weapon and $300 for failing to appear in court.
Court heard Sutherland tried to bring a can of bear spray into the courtroom in High Prairie April 1, 2019, Crown prosecutor Nuha Abunada said.
“When he left the courthouse, he tried to get the bear spray back,” the Crown said.
Sutherland’s lawyer, Kirsty Broadhead, admitted it was not a good situation her client created.
“This is a serious breach, trying to bring bear spray into the courtroom and then trying to get it back,” she said.
Judge R.B. Marceau agreed.
“Trying to get it back is aggravating,” Judge Marceau noted.
Broadhead told court Sutherland was not aware of the serious situation with the bear spray.
“He didn’t realize it is a prohibited weapon,” she said.
Court heard Sutherland is taking steps to get out of a life of crime.
“He is working to stay away from court and he is seeking treatment,” Broadhead said.
Judge Marceau ordered Sutherland to pay his fines by Nov. 30, 2022.

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