M.D. of Smoky River questioning 2021 census numbers

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

The M.D. of Smoky River council has qualms with the 2021 Census and chose to have a recount completed.

“We felt that the census was not accurate,” says Reeve Robert Brochu.

“We hired a company to complete a new count of the residents in the region.”

Result variances were staggering, with new population numbers totalling 1,895 people. The original census completed in 2021 only compilated 1,684, a variance that Brochu expects was caused by missing a number of dwellings.

“Our GIS system showed 821 dwellings, and they missed 125 dwellings,” he says.

“We anticipate they missed most of the dwellings on township road 755A,” he adds.

Brochu says the 14.6 percent increase in numbers is significant because census numbers are utilized in many grant applications.

“It is important the M.D.’s population is reflected correctly because many provincial and federal grants are based on population of each municipality,” he explains.

“Over 200 people missed could significantly affect how much money is allocated to our community.”

Brochu says the new numbers will be used to complete any grant applications going forward. The new census is expected to be completed by the federal government in 2026.

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