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Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Ditch project at Guy proceeding

Council is proceeding with a 7-km long ditch project near Guy.
Director of Operations Kevin Cymbaluk told council the ditch, if completed, would drain into the Highbush Ditch just west of Highway 2 near Guy. He said issues before proceeding with the project included upgrading and registering six km of ditch, and the Highway 2 crossing.
“What kind of dollars do you need for that?” asked Councillor Raoul Johnson.
He heard the project would be completed with M.D. staff under day labour.
“This is a good project,” said Cymbaluk. “It does protect the hamlet.”
To start the project, the M.D. will be speaking to landowners to get tentative agreements in place and start the process.

M.D. tenders purchase of generators

The tendering of two generators to be used as a backup power supply for the lift stations at Guy and Jean Cote was narrowly approved 4-2 by council Sept. 9.
Director of Operations Kevin Cymbaluk told council power outages have occurred since the stations were built, including one in July where the power was off for 30 hours, causing the basement to flood.
“We do need generators…” he said.
“[It] should definitely be put in the budget,” he added.
Cost is estimated at $24,000 each excluding gas hookup.
Another benefit is that a local person could potentially supply the generators: Taylor Cote.
Although a tender was not needed because the project is under $75,000, council decided to proceed with quotes on the project to give everyone a fair chance to bid.

‘Appetite’ to build hangar in Donnelly

A citizen first wanting to build a hangar at the High Prairie Airport but later deciding to abandon the project for reasons unknown, has decided Donnelly is the place to be.
Council received the request at its Sept. 9 meeting, but heard they first had to build an access road costing about $30,000 top $35,000.
Council heard M.D. staff would build the road themselves under day labour.
However, council made it clear an agreement had to be in place to build the hangar before the road was built.
“There’s certainly an appetite for the M.D. to do that…” said Reeve Robert Brochu.

‘Older Persons’ recognized

The M.D. of Smoky River agreed at its Sept. 9 meeting to endorse Oct. 1 as International Day of Older Persons.
The day marks the value of the contributions of “older” persons and raises awareness about the inequalities, barriers “older” adults face.
The motion was approved with little discussion.
The request came from the Alberta Council on Aging.

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