M.D. of Smoky remaining open for Sept. 30 holiday

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The M.D. of Smoky River has decided to not close its office in future years for the new Sept. 30 federal holiday now known as National Day of Truth and Reconcilia- tion.
Instead, they will release a statement recognizing the day thereby making a declaration and lower the flags.
CAO Rita Therriault said she spoke with staff. The majority felt they did not need the holiday. She added staff did not want to lose a day at Christmas or Easter in lieu of the new holiday.
Therriault encourages any staff member who wants to put on an event to do so.
Reeve Robert Brochu said he was unaware of the holiday.
“I was harvesting and never knew about it. I didn’t watch the news.”
Brochu added some businesses closed while others remained open.
Therriault asked for direction from council on how to recognize the holiday since it was their decision.
Meanwhile, Brochu was not happy with the way the federal government decided to proceed with the holiday.
“It was something that needs to be discussed,” he said. “Not imposed.”

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