Lots of fun in and around the Kinuso Grain Elevator

Pearl Lorentzen
For South Peace News

Kinuso Grain Elevator is fully functioning, but not in use. It dominates the skyline of Kinuso. It isn’t open often, but on August 17 it was open for the Grain Elevator Open House.
Participants toured the building. They threw baseballs at the trigger on the dunk tank, to get some Kinuso School teachers wet. The teachers didn’t seem to mind, given the heat wave that day.
Kids played carnival games such as bean bag tic tac toe, a dime toss, and balloon darts. People ate burgers, hot dogs, and homemade ice cream.
This annual event is a fundraiser for the Kinosayo Museum in Kinuso.
The museum owns the elevator, and refurbished it several years ago.
Kinuso has a long history of farming. It is a hamlet in Big Lakes County, about half way between Slave Lake and High Prairie on Highway 2.

The prize and ticket tables in front of the Kinuso Grain Elevator on August 17.

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