Lots in Big Lakes up for public auction

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Land owned by Big Lakes County will be going on the auction block in the coming months.

At its regular meeting May 22, council approved a motion to put the lots up for bids in an online auction.

Land includes three properties in the hamlet residential district in the land-use bylaw, explains Pat Olansky , director of community services and planning. They include:

  • A property in Enilda at the civic address of 32 – 12 St. with a land description of Plan 3676RS, Block 6, Lot 14.
  • A property in Enilda at the civic address of 11 Main St. with a land description of Plan 962 3065, Block 5, Lot 5.
  • A property in Grouard at the civic address of 37 Mission St. with a land description of River Lot 35A, Lesser Slave Lake Settlement.

“All properties were acquired through the tax recovery process in 2023,” Olansky says.

“Each property contains a dwelling unit.”

Buildings on the properties will be included in the auction.

Offering the properties in an auction has several benefits to Big Lakes, she says.

“These properties will no longer be a liability for the County,” Olansky says.

“Once sold, property taxes will be collected and reduce the burden to county taxpayers.”

Disposing the properties by auction is profitable for the County, she adds.

“Property sold by auction has netted greater returns in the past than by other means,” Olansky says.

“Using an established auctioneer gives the properties wider exposure than if advertised for sale by the County.”

A reserve bid will not be applied to the three lots, she says.

No date for the auction has been set.

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