A lot to ponder at G.P. Vanier Science Fair 2019

Grade 8 G.P. Vanier Science Fair winners: From Left – Christian Mencke, Riley Garant, Brett Heckbert and Layne Cuthbertson.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Albert Einstein said, “The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking,” and that insight was certainly apparent at G. P. Vanier School’s Grade 7 and 8 Science Fair on February 28.

There were approximately 40 exhibits on display and the students were free to choose any subject they wished to do their research and test their scientific prognosis.

With both French and English exhibits covering everything from the mountain pine beetle, what pencil structure can hold the most mass, to examining if chewing gum makes people smarter.

For those who wonder if chewing gum makes people smarter, the scientific conclusions suggests that chewing gum helps concentration but the overall effects of chewing gum on our intellectual performance showed results that were varied and inconclusive. The exhibit opened from 6pm to 8pm and school principal Pam Heckbert and other teachers were present to welcome and talk with parents while they browsed the exhibits.

Shortly after 7pm there was a call to order for the announcement of the winners and the awards presentations.

The Grade 7 winners are First place, Dominic Sliger and Brandon Guenettte – Second Place, Cole Fournier and Hunter Dumont and Third Place, Daysha Tokkarz and Anyka Desaulniers.

Grade 8 winners are, First place Layne Cuthbertson, Second Place, Christian Mencke and Third Place Brett Heckbert and Riley Garant.

The judges for this year’s science fair were Myrna Lanctot, Robert Owens, Richard Fourn- ier, Henri Valiquette and Shawn Audi.

Grade 7 Science Fair winners: From Left – Anike Desaulnier, Cole Fournier, Hunter Dumont and Dominic Sliger.
Student and parents during the awards presentation at the G.P. Vanier Science Fair 2019.


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