Loewen pleased to return to UCP caucus

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen is back in the fold of the Alberta United Conservative Party (UCP) caucus and is looking forward to working with new Premier Danielle Smith.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen is back in the fold of the Alberta United Conservative Party (UCP) caucus.
After being kicked out of caucus May 13, 2021, he was welcomed back by new UCP Leader and Premier Danielle Smith shortly after she was announced the winner of the leadership race Oct. 6.
“I’m glad to be back and I was happy to participate in the caucus meeting Oct. 7,” says Loewen, who was one of seven candidates in the leadership race.
He expected the welcome after serving as an independent MLA in his constituency that includes the Falher and McLennan regions.
“I knew that caucus was having some discussions about me in the days and weeks leading up to Oct. 6,” Loewen says.
“That evening, I learned that they had voted overwhelmingly to invite me back to the UCP caucus.”
Loewen was kicked out of caucus in a caucus vote after he questioned then-premier and UCP leader Jason Kenney about his leadership and asked for him to resign.
“I heard the offer to return during Danielle’s victory speech,” Loewen says.
“Following her speech, I had the opportunity to speak with her privately where I congratulated her and she thanked me for running a solid campaign.
“She was very excited to deliver the good news about my participation in her caucus.”
Loewen feels confident about joining the caucus under a new leader and contributing to government.
“Premier Smith has always been eager to accept good advice and learn from the ideas or policy items of others.
“I am confident she will be very receptive to some of the ideas I proposed during my leadership campaign, as well as the ideas of others.”
Shortly after the race concluded, the UCP caucus was into the team mode, he says.
“We know that best for the party and the province,” Loewen says.
“Despite being former leadership opponents, I feel fortunate to be in close contact with the new premier and have such a mutual respect.”
UCP MLAS welcomed him back with open arms.
“The response was overwhelming positive,” Loewen says.
“I did maintain good relationships with my colleagues throughout my time as an independent MLA.
Even though he had some policy agreements with Kenney, he says it was important for his constituents to have healthy working relationships with other MLAs and cabinet ministers a priority.
“I do believe that those close relationships resulted in the concerns of northwestern Alberta reaching government where we were able to accomplish some good, even in opposition.”
Now back in caucus, he believes he is stronger after serving as an independent.
“I don’t regret my time as an independent member at all,” Loewen says.
“It was important at that time to speak truth and to represent the people to the government, not the government to the people.
“MLAs have a critical job to perform, holding the government to account and serving the people.
“That should always be the case, regardless of the title we hold.”
He is committed to serve in a stronger role.
“It was a welcome relief to join the UCP team again,” Loewen says.
“I am very optimistic that my time served as an independent and the experience I gained as a legislator will be useful going forward, hopefully in an expanded role with this government.”
He is optimistic Smith and the UCP are ready to build the province and be ready for the next election that must be held on or before May 29, 2023.
“We have a lot of work to do with just seven months to go before the next general election,” Loewen says.
“From everything I know about Premier Smith, she’s up to the task and she’s ready to get at it.”
Smith plans to announce the new caucus on Oct. 21.

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