Uncanny, mysterious local stories sought for McLennan guided “Ghost Walk” in October

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Although it is the full light of summer now, a plan for a ghost walk through the town of McLennan around Halloween is already in the planning stages.

“We want to share some spooky stories about places around town,” says organizer and McLennan Recreation Board member Melody Schaefer.

The reason for the early preparation is that Schaefer wants people to get in touch with her with their stories, which she then plans to compile for use on the walk.

“People have already told me stories, but I haven’t started writing them down and compiling them yet,” she says. “I wanted to reach out and maybe visit seniors at the nursing home, put stuff up on Facebook so people can call or email me to tell me the stories they know.”

As the members of the Recreation Board, have been brainstorming and refining the concept they are mindful of respecting people’s privacy and not offending or upsetting anyone.

“We are also very conscious that if we are sharing someone’s story that they are ok with us sharing it. This is all stuff that we are going to take into consideration as we are compiling the collection,” says Schaefer.

The approximately hour long, guided walk is tentatively scheduled to take place in early October and McLennan Recreation Board hopes to make it an annual event.

Anyone wishing to share stories or looking for information about the event should email Melody Schaefer at cschaefe@ualberta.ca.

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