Witness local history come to life, with “Live History” theatre company, McLennan September 7

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Local history will come alive when “Live History,” gives 4 presentations in McLennan on September 7.

Invited to McLennan by McLennan Municipal Library, Live History is a theatre company based in Ontario that travels to different regions and venues across North America offering unique, interactive theatrical performances based on the history of the region in which they are performing.

The objective of Live History is to animate local history and give it a living dimension by creating a mystery drama around the premise of some local hero or local historical event. Their performances cater to children, teens and adults.

The interactive aspect of the performance involves the audience participation in solving the mystery or resolving the plot.

The troupe often performs in museums, heritage building and historical sites and their shows, designed to bring the audience on a comprehensive tour of the venue, creating a situation that allows the audience to become familiar with the site.

The theatre group thoroughly researches local history to customize each show to the location and venue in which it is performing. The shows take audiences on a one-hour to 90-minute odyssey through time past.

Live History also gives workshops where fans of the mystery genre, whether novels or theatre, learn how to construct a mystery while also learning about their local history.

When in McLennan, Live Theatre will perform at four venues: Ecole Providence 1 to 2 pm, Manoir du Lac 3 to 4pm, The Railway Museum 4.30 to 5pm and at St. Paul’s Heritage House from 7 to 8pm.

McLennan Municipal Library provides full sponsorship of Live Theatre so all performances are free.

Live Theatre in period costume during a performance of “In Time” and a theatre company member presenting a workshop to school children.

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