‘Light Up a Memory’ for someone special

Shown are Smoky River Palliative Care Society members Irene Brassard, Lucille Leclerc, and Cecile Aubin. Missing are society members Cecile Turcotte, Diann Rondeau, Monique Girod and Rachelle Berube.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Smoky River Palliative Care Society’s annual Light up a Memory fundraiser is back in action to try to help more people during hard times.
The fundraising campaign runs from Nov. 15 until Jan. 1, and the society members are hoping they’ll be able to make significant contributions to the palliative care unit at Sacred Heart Health Centre in McLennan.
“We think that palliative care helps patients feel more comfortable,” says society member Cecile Aubin. “The rooms for families also allow them to be near their loved one in their time of need.”
Aubin explains that if individuals give a donation of $10, the society will put a card with the name of their loved one on their Christmas tree in the Sacred Heart Health Centre. She notes it is a great way to remember a loved one while giving to a great cause that helps other people.
“We’re getting a lot of donations from people who have stayed in the palliative care rooms,” she says, noting that families have appreciated being so close to their loved ones when they need it most and recognize the importance of having the facility for others to use.
The campaign focuses on raising money and awareness to purchase necessary equipment, resource material, and supplies for palliative care patients to make their last days as comfortable as possible. It also supports the families of the patients who want to stay with their loved ones by providing rooms for them to stay in acute care in the duration.
“We’ve also had a lot of support from local businesses,” says Aubin.
“We’ve managed to buy a lot of equipment for palliative care and are hoping to be able to add to the contributions,” she adds.
Thus far, the Palliative Care Society has managed to purchase a blanket warmer for Outpatients, a palliative care bed, pamphlets, and were able to furnish palliative care rooms for family of the patients.
For more information about the 2022 campaign or to donate to Smoky River Palliative Care Society, please phone Lucille at (780) 837-2143 or Cecile at (780) 925-2250.
Contributions are appreciated and can also by e-transferred by please emailing palliativecaresocietysr@gmail.com.

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