Letters – Perspective on the protests

Watching the war in the Ukraine is saddening, both in its existence and the attitude some of the very cultured urbane sounding opinionists.
Men sitting in their decorated studies who want to blame everyone but Russian President Valdimir Putin. I, as an uncultured inurbane opinionist, think they are out of their minds. They blame NATO, and even the Ukraine.
The first didn’t think NATO should have been formed and Putin wouldn’t want his buffer zone. Problem is a buffer zone has never been Putin’s goal. He wants to resurrect what he calls ‘ancient Russia’. To him, Ukraine is part of that entity. Setting aside the fact they have distinct languages.
I will point out borders are not etched in stone and if separatists persist, they can form their own country if only because they are too troublesome to keep. This is Putin’s land grab. The USSR existed without a buffer sone, and it was not a war that brought them down, they were consumed from the inside. The pre-existing countries resurfaced and began to think for themselves again.
Putin’s biggest problem is he and his crooked friends [the oligarchy] have bled Russia dry. One report stated the MREs [meal, ready-to-eat] given to the Russian soldiers were out of date in 2002. They could have passed them out to the Russian people during any of their food shortages in the last 25 years. This is where [former US president] Donald Trump and Putin have a great deal in common.
There have been other reports of substandard materials supplied to the Russian military. Trump, for his part, doesn’t fly with him. His plane had to make an emergency landing because of engine failure. It turns out one engine was missing parts and the other was wrapped in plastic. Now he is fundraising for another one.
Putin is using thermogenic weapons, and cluster bombs in the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas. There is a saying if a man hits you while you’re dating, he is only going to get worse once you’re married.
Beau of the Fifth Column [real name is Justin King] says Putin might take Ukraine but he won’t be able to hold it. The general rule is that to hold a country you need 20 soldiers for every 1,000 citizens. They only have four. But he sure is willing to try.
There was a bit where the police were grabbing every protestor they could find. One woman stated she was against the war and she was grabbed. The next woman was hustled away before she had a chance to voice her opinion which could have been positive. That was in Russia.
Then there was a guy on TED Talks who says they should just surrender. How would he feel if they were shelling his house? He might not have been willing to roll up his own sleeves but he sure would be expecting others to do it for him.
It is also an object lesson to us. There was a protest in Ottawa that lasted for three weeks and the people were repeatedly told to clear out before the authorities moved in and cleared them out. What were they protesting? They said it was masks, they wanted their ‘freedom’. As far as I know all have been released. The one organizer had to stay a little longer, she refused to agree to the conditions of her release.
There are several thousand Russians in jail already for protesting the war.
Our protestors wanted the government to step down over the mask mandates. I think our protestors need to re-evaluate their predicament. Trump and the Russians weren’t worried when people were dying of COVID but they sure are worried about anyone who doesn’t agree with their vicious policies. One of those ‘experts’ stated none of the Ukrainian refugees would be ‘coming to the US’. We will be taking in tens of thousands.
Canada isn’t perfect, but we are allowed to say so.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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