Letters – Logical choices needed

A search of my name turned up third on the search history. It was a letter from Richard Kemp [July 18, 2018 South Peace News] complaining that you printed my letters too much. Actually, he has a lot to say for himself but none of it substantive.
He sounds like a good fit with the new Wildrose. They leaped into the comment section of a story where NDP Leader Rachel Notley wanted the COVID models because she would impose the recommended rules when she took office.
These guys are of no good to the community. He was deeply thrilled at the thought that Notley might have destroyed Kenney, but he dismissed the idea she might be an opponent of some worth to them.
I recognized the boyish gushing from several threads put out there during the federal election waxing poetic about Mad Max. They don’t realize these guys are the uppercrust. Fancy educations [lawyers for example]. Substantial bank accounts. Premier Jason Kenney is rumored to be worth $18 million. That they have their fingers is many lucrative pies, i.e. Stockwell Day and a tarsands facility they were going to build in British Columbia, and why he was so gung ho on the pipeline.
What connects all these people together is not conservatism but instead they are libertarians. I grew up with conservatives and even a few liberals. Former prime minister John Diefenbaker got the federal government to pay half of our medicare bills. Nowadays, these guys are dumbfounded at the way things were done.
One asked me how I could vote NDP. I was going to vote for Andrew Scheer [Conservative Party of Canada leader] until I heard him talk. The answer seemed to stymie him. Policy! [New Democrat Leader Jagmeet] Singh wants Pharmacare. After seeing the med load some people my age are carrying had me swallowing flies.
The copayment on that many meds can be ruinous.
I even promote the government fund one house for every Albertan. An interest free mortgage. Once, not a mansion by any means. An average of three-bedroom homes in the province. The preference would be to build it to keep our sawmills and carpenters busy.
But to stop people from getting trampled to death in the stampede they should be able to buy one. This will load money back into circulation faster and put the program that much closer to being self-supporting. This will put money back to work as people have more money to spend in town, too. Our GDP will like it, especially since Kenney’s cutbacks were predicted to lower it by 4.5 to five per cent. . .but then COVID hit.
The big advantage is the amount of work for our people. It would help wean us off the danger of an oil dependent economy. The sudden crashes would be ironed out and some people should prefer steady work in construction to six months of crazy work and then nothing for a couple of years.
These libertarians have a mental laziness and a meanness as well. Kemp is one of them. He doesn’t argue numbers, he just gets mad and then starts insulting.
I sincerely recommend shunning the Wildrose. I don’t know why they want to get involved in politics, they have no interest at all in supporting and improving their community. Kenney is much the same, he has downplayed COVID and every time he tries to make a new policy announcement he finds new and amazing ways to muck it up.
When he talks about masks and such he reassures everyone they have their freedoms. And he wants our pensions from CPP. Considering how fast he burned through money for that pipeline I want the feds to keep it.
To top it off these “open for business” premiers are sniffing around something called small modular nuclear reactors. Oil and gas can be polluting enough but a nuclear meltdown will irradiate the ground for decades.
How many people decided to hear about their freedoms and ignored their responsibility to their community? A woman in a small town down south didn’t want the vaccine and drove taxi. She didn’t make it and about the time she got sick they had an outbreak in the local grocery store. Do you think some people might have taken a cab to work?
We need to stop allowing our knee jerk reactions to rule us, and make logical choices.
As for Mr. Kemp, thanks, I think.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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