Letter – We voted! Now what?

It is the day after the actual federal election and nothing is settled.

It was somewhat heartening to see Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer get smacked around a bit. I had gotten so tired of his constant insulting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. What I wanted was to hear how wonderful his policies were. The official parties were invited to have their ideas vetted and the only one I heard about was a tax refund for people who used public transportation. You had to spend $1,000 on bus fare to get a refund of $150. That example was for a family of four.

Scheer would spend a couple of minutes on that and then lapse into a riff on Trudeau. It was like his staff had taught him only a couple of sentences and he just kept repeating them.

Mad Max [Maxine Bernier] got his parachute burnt in his own riding.

Jody Wilson-Raybould made it back in, but not the Liberal Party, and no matter how you try to add the numbers up she isn’t going to be a player.

Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh both got their reins pulled in.

The comment sections were priceless. It would seem that the Bloc is now the kingmaker. Wow!

So Trudeau might not be PM in the morning. Scheer will have to sell his soul to the separatists to get the job he so dearly wants. Somebody will for sure.

Somebody needs to gag Alberta Premier Jason Kenney until the dust settles.

I would be a little more worked up except that I don’t think we should be telling any particular region of Canada we want a divorce. The tumult in the States and around the world makes this a good time to think twice.

Trudeau took some hard hits on the world stage from Trump, China and India. I think it was because they knew he was the only one of the bunch that might actually care for his people. The rest are right wing tools who are not only willing but actively looking for the opportunity to give their souls to the multinationals. They push a great idea that is simple and all we need to do is ignore climate change, deregulate, and open the doors.

We can do that but what will it accomplish? A few jobs but would there be as many, would they pay as well, and what world will we leave the children?

One astute observer pointed out that all the Uber rich are buying huge tracts of land in isolated places that are well above the potential high water mark of climate change.

They are also building a lot of helicopter pads, like they think that when something happens, it will happen fast and reasonably soon enough that it is worth them spending the money. I thought they would go for Bigelow’s space hotel.

For those of us who won’t make the chopper, spaceship, or the bus; we need to prepare for this chaos ourselves. Protect our own interests and future. That does not involve letting these tools whip us up in a frenzy so we get mad and fight amoung ourselves for crumbs they are offering.

Climate change is real and it would seem that there are small practical things that can be done to at least partially cope with it. Letting these guys make us mad and talk separation is only serving their interests not ours.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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