Letter – Try, try again!

This is my second attempt at trying to facilitate a response from (Big Lakes County) council to address a safety concern in hamlets, before there is an accident or someone is seriously injured.

I would like to address concerns with speeding in hamlets in the county. I have brought this issue up before with council and all that was done was speeds lowered from to 40 km/hr from 50 km/hr. This has done absolutely zero to combat speeding in the hamlets.

I am asking that council seriously consider speed bumps in the hamlets to hopefully slow speeders down.

This is a huge safety concern and needs to be addressed.

There are several options that are plow truck friendly that the county can look into.

I’m sure council doesn’t like people speeding past their homes, and neither do we.

I’ve personally seen people doing upwards of 90 km/hr through the hamlets treating it like a drag strip..

Are we going to wait till someone gets hit? Or do something to address this now?

Eric Corbiere,
Enilda, AB

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