Letter – Trash program gets green thumb

I would just like to thank you [Big Lakes County] for the hamlet cleanup program that the county has every year.
This is a great program, and helps clean up the hamlets from garbage that people may not be able to take to the dump.
This is needed greatly in hamlets such as Enilda, where the county decided to take away their waste transfer station. The program has allowed people to still get big items to the curb and have it disposed of.
I would also like to be given the chance to talk to council on implementing a garbage run program once a week for patrons to be able to put garbage at the curb, and have a garbage truck come along and do garbage pickup. There are several seniors in these communities and as the county is aware with gas and diesel prices, this has put a stranglehold on several disabled patrons, and seniors who are on a fixed income. And with price of inflation, this has left several patrons unable to afford to drive to the regional landfill to dispose of household waste.
Please do not scrap this program, as several patrons of the county rely on this program every year to dispose of waste they simply can’t take themselves.

Eric Corbiere,

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