Letter to the Editor in the Alaska Highway News about Fort St. John Flyers forfeiture

Dear editor,

The North Peace Hockey League wishes to acknowledge the class with which the Fort St. John Flyers handled the recent decision by the NPHL regarding the forfeit of their series versus the Grimshaw Huskies [Alaska Highway News, March 1, 2016].
It is extremely unfortunate the incident occurred, but the league recognizes the fact that the Flyers stood up and held themselves accountable for what occurred. The NPHL executive appreciates the fact that the Flyers did not blame anyone else in any way for what occurred.
Everyone can be assured that no one is happy with what occurred. The NPHL would like hockey fans to recognize there are many rules to follow – more than anyone can imagine – and sometimes an honest error occurs with horrible consequences. The NPHL believes this was an honest error and feels badly for the executive, players and fans of the Flyers. Nonetheless, a tough decision had to be made.
We wish the Flyers the best of luck in the future and in the upcoming Coy Cup in Terrace, B.C. We are confident they will be fine representatives of the NPHL, the City of Fort St. John and all senior hockey.

Jack McAvoy,
NPHL President,
Chris Clegg,
NPHL Statistician

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