Letter – To all Canadians, especially those of North West Alberta

To the editor:
In May 2017 the Conservative Party of Canada will elect a new national leader.

This is your opportunity to get involved in choosing the next national leader and possibly a new Prime Minister in the election of 2019.

To be eligible, one must purchase a CPC membership before March 28, 2017. Follow this link to do so: http://www.conservative.ca/our-party/leadership-2017.

Pretty Boy Just’in time Tru’doughhead, Rachael Knothead and Kathleen Wynner or Looser prove with synergy, the hole is knot always greenie on the other side…….

I am against subjugation of any kind. Of particular interest to Western women is this link entitled “Stop Normalizing The Hijab” presented by Barbara Kay. https://youtu.be/jxI7eTn4Jk0

Doug Ford,
Donnelly, AB

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