Letter – Taxpayer disputes bill

Most property taxpayers in High Prairie think they have fire protection paid for out of their taxes.
A big mistake, you only have protection that you pay for at the time of your fire.
Second, the fire department when called will only park their fire trucks in front of your house to watch it burn. After it has burned down then they will put the remaining fire out.
Then the Town will send you a bill for $6,791.33 for firefighting. You may ask to attend a council meeting to ask for some kind of adjustment to the amount they are charging. However, they tell you to write a letter to the council due to COVID-19.
After writing to the council, I received a letter back demanding the amount be paid immediately or late payment penalty will be added on. Because I am a senior citizen with limited income, I am unable to pay that amount. With the penalties they add on the amount is now $8,285.46 and now I received a registered letter from the Town informing me that as of Jan.1, 2022 this amount will be added to the property taxes with a penalty of 14 per cent on top of the amount they are asking for.
People, do any property owners in High Prairie think this is fair treatment of a senior citizen?

William Salisbury,
High Prairie

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