Letter – Standing up for commentator, regarding Donald Trump

To the Editor:
Concerning Mac Olsen’s piece on President-Elect Donald Trump: It takes guts to go against the ‘feminist norm’.

You are to be applauded. It’s not my birthday but I agree with you and proffer a question and answer.

Who got Trump elected?

Disaffected Democrat voters who were sick and tired of the lies and corruption surrounding Hillariass Calamity and President Obama Ben ‘There Done That’ Laden [multiple puns intended].

She got in bed with Big Pharma, and the Saudis [et al], who patted her ‘foundation’. With her back turned on ordinary Democrats and the full moon shining, she got her buttocks kicked.

The feminist/sexist crybabies [twerks boo hooing on the Internet] will need an extra box of tissues as they dry their eyes, hold their noses and swallow during the inauguration!

Concerning our greenie carbon taxes, Just’in Time Tru’ Dough Head and Rachel Knot Head prove two heads are Knot always better than one! In Ottawa, we have the P.M.O. when it should be called the G.M.O. – Genetically Misguided Organism.

In Edmonton, we have the P.O. when it should be called the P.M.&S. – Perpetually Misguided and Senseless.
Doug Ford
Donnelly, Alberta

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