Letter – Smith unwise choice for premier

In a CTV News video discussing the wildfires they featured Premier Danielle Smith touring Entwistle, a place I knew well. She said she could see why there was so much caution.

Empty words as far as I am concerned. She could have saved herself the trip and simply made the call. She is going to call Trudeau the Younger and give him a list of what she needs.

The last sentence of the clip said, “That conversation is expected to take place in the coming days.”

That’s getting right on it now, isn’t it!

A few other Googles turned up some very critical remarks about Smith’s handling of crisis. So far, I agree. The paying 10 times what they were worth for masks, burning millions buying children’s Tylenol, and it was even reported that after failing to take the flooding in southern Alberta seriously, she had to be rescued.

Now comes this. It took me a long time forgive the NDP for their handling of the Fort McMurray wildfire. I am not sure I ever did even though I cannot remember exactly I was so choked at them about. Smith’s ineffectual shakings and movings are infuriating to say the least.

Part of the problem is that the UCP cut funding to Alberta Forestry and firefighting. She kept stating that there was the $1.5 billion emergency fund they could access. In situations like this $1.5 billlion can be a rounding error.

Then as Google does Google comes up with something you weren’t really looking for. Smith called people who had gotten the vaccine Nazis. There is video. She stated it was “in a moment of frustration.” Thanks for the personality profile there, girl. I got jabbed and boosted.

Why, well now being classified as being ‘elderly’ with a ticker that isn’t that big on ticking anymore, I wasn’t going to push it or my luck. And, for those I have contact with. Our dear leader is a princess. She doesn’t know what real crisis is.

My father and several of my uncles, on both sides, served in WW2. They defended the world against actual Nazis and for their service they brought that war home with them and carried it to their graves. We should honor their contribution to the fact that we live in the world where she can be such a snowflake.

There is a video where she says that she wasn’t wearing a poppy because “they had ruined it for her this year.” Remembrance Day is not about her and it is not a celebration. It is a sincere observance of a sacrifice of men and women long dead.

Her vaccine BS is mind boggling.

I also have doubts that she can handle the stress of that job. It is not her lamentable lack of knowledge of a task that she had more than a passing relationship with.

One thing that gave me cause for wonder was the fact that she got rammed into that job in the first place. Former premier Jason Kenney wasn’t going fast enough – he was doing what they wanted – but he had not got us separated after he took office. So he was out of there! Why the rush?

That sort of gnawed at the back of my mind. Oil, wasn’t it? The US has lots of oil. President Joe Biden is even opening up more areas for development.

Timber. Trump imposed tariffs on Canadian lumber to encourage Americans to buy American. But as I said when you Google, Google offers snippets that prove to be rather surprising.

Canada and most provinces have banned exporting water. There is provision for bottled water, but nothing more than that.

But big corporations have been known to look over the fence. The frontal attack on our health care system is proof of that. In the US, they have had several years long drought that has taken the water level down to the point they are finding peeps offed by the mob back in the 1970s. The Colorado River is dangerously low and Arizona is. . .a desert. The problem down there is they are using more water than the system can replace ending up with a net loss every year.

And they do not want to change their habits which are wasteful.

For whatever reason known only to them the Saudis bought a bunch of land to grow alfalfa on. This is shipped back home to feed to their livestock. Alfalfa is a water intensive crop to say the least and does not help the Saudis with self sufficiency.

The solution (for water) being offered says that it will be two years before they can begin to supply the water. How? No one has said exactly but there is a network of oil pipelines that begin in Norman Wells and spread like a spider’s web across North America. This is likely the most dangerous idea that has ever occurred to anyone.

Alberta might seem to have a surplus of water. Every major river system in Alberta is glacier fed. The Peace River and the Athabasca inspire awe. The trouble is that there is work saying that the glaciers in the Rockies with be gone in by the turn of the century. This will not happen like turning off a tap, it will be a gradual event decades in the making.

We need to think ahead on this for ourselves and simply cannot commit to exporting water to the US where they will only want more as time passes.

Sixty years ago, I remember a black and white news show on CBC speculating on this very issue. They were so very far ahead of their time.

I just don’t think she has the qualities needed for leadership.

And her policies suck!

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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