Letter – Slave Lake resident touts best bang for $

Dear Editor:
I would like to reply to the regional commentary in the Aug. 10/2016 Leader.

Here again, I hear the plea for Slave Lake residents to shop local and support local business. Quite simply put, I can’t afford to.

To spay our cat cost 625 dollars here and 410 dollars just outside of Westlock. Gas (three weeks ago) was 86.4 in Edmonton and 106.9 here in Slave Lake. You can bet I filled ever jerry can I had before I left Edmonton. Beef was 12.80 a lb. in Edmonton and 18.00 lb and up here. The list goes on and on.

I’m working more hours now during this depression and making a heck of a lot less. My every month bills have only gone up. The well-being of my family comes first before the well-being of the stores here.

If they are even close to being competitive, I’ll buy local. Until then, I’m going to go where ever I have to, to get the biggest bang for my buck. I have no choice, my family comes first.
Cliff Boswell,
Slave Lake, Alberta

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