Letter – Road maintenance poor

You have to maintain your equipment to make money. We understand this as rural people. We believe you share this value as well. That’s why were writing you about the need for better maintenance on the highway in our area.
Imagine the horror when we drove by the rolled logging truck in the ditch where two years before we lost one of our young people in a logging truck accident. Seeing logging trucks rolled in the ditch has become almost an annual event along the short 25 km of Highway 750 that run through our Salt Prairie rural community.
We understand that logging and tanker trucks are the engine of the economy in our area. They, like us as citizens moving around, need well-maintained roads. That is not what we currently have. Nor do the two school buses that drive Highway 750 daily from our rural area and from Gift Lake Métis Settlement.
We have dips in our highway because of sinking culverts. Most of them are unmarked so when they are hit at full speed, snow and ice are knocked off of vehicles and create hazards to those who follow. On the other side of Lesser Slave Lake on Highway 88 two of those failing culverts washed out recently. We are well aware ours may be next if they are not repaired. And the two culverts that were replaced still have huge dips in the highway a year later.
The accident area we describe is on a hill where there is a huge bump. We’ve noticed truck traffic familiar with the road veer to the opposite lane to avoid the problem, a dangerous practice, especially since the potholes between the lanes are getting deep. This needs to be fixed.
When we drive home after fresh snowfall, we notice the snowplow stops plowing at Grouard. We are told this is because there is less traffic north of Grouard, yet when you travel north past Salt Prairie, the plow trucks have been active again beginning in Gift Lake. It is only Salt Prairie Settlement area that is left with reduced plowing.
We read in our local paper that when our MLA stands up in the legislature to ask questions about road repair, he does “not get a decent answer.”
We ask you to address road maintenance on Highway 750 in Salt Prairie. Specifically, repair the hill where the bump is a hazard, repair the failing culverts and the dips they cause, and give us the same plowing services as just south and north of us.

Ernie Hughes,
Salt Prairie
Settlement Society.

Editor’s note: The following letter was also sent to Alberta Minster of Transportation Rajan Sawhney, Big Lakes County Councillor Garrett Zahacy, Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn, Premier Jason Kenney, and NDP Transportation Critic Lorne Dach

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