Letter – RE: Letter to the editor: Jeff Hattie, Nov. 15, 2017, Smoky River Express

To the editor:

You did and said a lot of things right in your letter.

But, you never mentioned what Fred Trump was wearing when he got arrested. It is regimes that kill, not socialism or fascism. If you go too far to the left or the right you are in a ditch. It doesn’t matter how you got there or which direction you’re facing, you still in the ditch.

Peoples’ individual rights are the first casualty. People who idolize conservatism by demonizing socialism have to understand exactly what their motives are. It is the same on the other side.

I personally find Trump’s attitude alarming. He lies out of habit, will tell you one thing one day and something totally different the next. I have gradually reached the conclusion that his mind is sort of in freefall. Things rush in and out of it while other things sort of float around on the hot air and never get acknowledged.

I base my assertion that Trump is a racist on many things. They way he talks when he talks about Latina women.

Next, the Trumps wouldn’t rent to blacks until they were taken to court. Then, one of the first things he actually did when he assumed office was take white supremacy groups off the watch list.

You were right when you said there were things I didn’t put in my letter because the paper has its limits.

Trump does love despots I don’t have the space for that either. Even the staff he has chosen stands up for that. Micheal Flynn and his son were plotting to kidnap a Moslem cleric and return him to Turkey for 15 million. The term for that when it is done extra judicially is felony kidnapping.

Idolizing Trump can lead you down a nasty road. As far as loyalty – a quality you cherish – his only loyalty is to himself, and to a lesser extent his family and money. Trump has no manners. I am getting really tired of how he is always attacking the former presidents. They are starting to fight back. I am getting really tired of how stupid he thinks everyone is. He told reporters that he would not personally benefit from their new tax plan when he will rake in hundreds of millions.

The biggest flaw of the American system is that it is just too easy to fool around with. The president is elected and he gets to put in people who have never faced the electorate in hundreds of key positions.

No, a racist socialist does not a conservative make, but a conservatives can be racist, too. Being conservative does not make you perfect, all it does is make you a conservative.

I suspect that you just might be slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun. That is your choice. Your conservative values are what most people would agree with except that you don’t like social change to happen too fast. Who does, but how far are you willing to go to slow it down or stop it; and what change you are talking about? What do you consider evil?

Trump never did intend to drain the swamp, he just wanted to put his monsters in it. And right now all the left can do is shriek and point fingers as the right holds all the hammers. Let’s wait for 2018. You can’t go around blaming everything on socialism. I think the crazy religious hard right is doing more to destabilize the world than the socialists.

Donating obscene amounts of money to right wing rebels in countries that have or had democratically elected socialist governments like what is happening in South America. Socialism isn’t any worse or better than conservatism.

They have the same problems and the real villains are back in the corner laughing as they keep raking the money into their coffers.

Don’t get upset that the provincial government is considered to be socialist by many. They are doing many things a conservative government would and more.

Do you remember back when the government and the Alberta Medical Association came up with the bright idea to limit the doctors to billing for six office visits an hour? That would cut our ability to see a doctor by 50 per cent.

The thing of it is when they decided to cut the office visit to five minutes from 10 they cut the amount a doctor would receive in half; 75 per cent of the doctors apparently agreed to this. It is possible that too many of them are writing their own prescriptions. It is also possible they had been assured that they could expect the people who came in after that to pay out of pocket for the visit.

Remember, it’s a big club and we’re not in it.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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