Letter – Protesters must assume risk

You guys really have to lighten up on the CBC! One of their reporters called clearing of the protestors ‘conquering’ Parliament hill. The anchor looked a little dumbfounded but said nothing.
To us, the fact a bunch of city dwellers can get to their grocery store is nothing. For seniors and handicapped who can’t get there because the road is blocked, it is a big deal. Not to mention the rabblerousing they did like setting a fire in the apartment building.
If I was a farmer and I found an intersection blocked, I might go home at the end of the day and fire off a letter of support. But three weeks later. . .?
If I had to go miles out of my way to get to town each day, and it’s costing me time and money, I would soon lose patience. If [protesters] were making a mess with their delinquent bathroom habits and spooking my cattle with their noise, I would demand something be done. God help you if I find you hazing my livestock. The authorities won’t be called.
The behaviour of these tools is unforgiveable. There was a clear shot over the shoulder of a woman holding a toddler. She was at the front of the line facing the horses. She should lose custody of that kid. It is one thing to throw herself under the hooves of those animals, it is another to put a child there.
There was a report about a woman a horse stepped on who had a walker. If it happened, she shouldn’t have been
at the front of the time. She came for the demonstration; she can wear her war wounds.
A CBC reporter [Susan Ormiston] was in the United States covering a demonstration [Minneapolis, May 30, 2020] when she took a rubber bullet to the butt. She and her crew seemed rather proud.
These tools want a civil war. Some call them “accelerators”. Yes, we have issues at all levels of government but going all separatist/racist won’t solve any of them. These guys are BS artists who spew crap all over and when you check it out and find it is wrong, they are gone. Still liars, but gone.
If you can’t talk about actual real issues, hold your tongue.
With all the guns they found down south we know these people are dying for a fight. Don’t be surprised if someone takes a bullet. These people are even saying the election wasn’t legitimate and they wanted the government to resign and be replaced by a committee. Most of them might have wanted the pandemic restrictions lifted. . .they are merely gullible and being led by people with a much more serious agenda.
The protestors seemed to think there was nothing the government could do and in that matter they need to stop and think before dragging their kids into the danger zone.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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