Letter – Proposal for county

To: Big Lakes County councillors:

I was wondering if the county would be interested in donating land around the High Prairie area to build an RC airport, and RC dirt track, with one runway for land planes, and one runway for water planes, and a dirt track for rc trucks and buggies. I could also talk to model aeronautics association of Canada (MACC) getting involved as well for the aeronotics side of it.
This would be a place where kids and adults can learn to fly RC planes, be in a safe space to fly, and a great place for rc dirt track races. There is nothing like this in this area, and the closest one I know of is north of Drayton Valley.
If we can get MACC involved, they would sell memberships which include training, periodic magazines on the association, and members planes would be insured through MACC if something were to happen like a crash or accident.
This site would also be benificial in the way that parents and children can play with their planes and or trucks and buggies together and would provide something for people to travel to the area to use the facilities. Which would draw tourism and revenue to the area.

Eric Corbiere
Enilda, AB

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