Letter – Plan doesn’t pass the smell test

The Fraser Institute bills itself a conservative/libertarian organization and that is all anyone needs to know. They should not be given any consideration. They are so far out there they will break anything that smacks of the common good.
After the commercial showed up on my feed about the changes Alberta Health Services (AHS) is proposing, I did a minor search and came up with their paper about how necessary it was to change AHS to cut costs. They threw out a storm of numbers that were over 10 years old and therefore predating the NDP and COVID. It was even kind of insulting by trying to make it sound like hospitals that performed heart transplants got the same money as hospitals. BS! They get paid by the procedure and the needs of the patient!
It declares that privatization is the only way to go. Not really. It might have been a bit more believable if I had not just watched a video by an American that is borne out by every other report I have seen. No matter how expensive the Fraser Institute makes our health care sound it is still cheaper than the American privatized system. The privatization results in a profit driven delivery (I kid you not!) where you have to use a doctor, a hospital and whatever else you can think of that is in that insurance provider’s network.
The commercial showed many small pill bottles scattered about the province replaced by a few bigger bottles. I am very alarmed at this. One suggestion was it meant you had to use a pharmacy in your insurance provider’s network.
I encountered a system down south where every group home that corporation operated in the province had to get their client’s prescription from one pharmacy in Edmonton. If you needed to get some to get you through the next few days you could get a three-day supply from a local pharmacy.
What will happen if we end up with no pharmacies in town? Wait for them (prescriptions) to come through the mail, or by courier, or drive to the nearest pharmacy in that network?
Make no mistake. These guys wouldn’t be snooping around if they didn’t think there was money to make. We will be the ones helping them make a profit.
The UCP government is not even granting pharmacies a place at the table for discussions. We need to tell them to stop. The contracts proposed are a long enough term that they will outlast a NDP government and/or make it very expensive to get out of.
Write our MLA, the AHS minister, and all the possible premiers.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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