Letter – No time to scream, “We are free!” from COVID

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is at it again!
These libertarian call themselves conservatives can’t help themselves. The moment there is a slight drop in COVID numbers, they want to throw off the shackles and get on with life.
Trouble is, it’s not simple and this time he wants all of Canada to do it. At this rate another COVID variant may show up and kill us all.
It does not take 20 years for a virus to reproduce, just a few hours much of the time. Every time a virus reproduces it borrows our DNA to do it. That means they pull bits of it into themselves and while I may be wrong, I believe that is how it fuels the development of mutations. There are a lot more than three kinds of COVID out there and some even have double mutations.
This is not a time to race through the halls screaming that we are free.
Kenney can’t help himself either. Every time he opens his mouth he talks about our freedoms and our rights. Which is a trigger. We all know it is our choice to get the vaccine or not. But if he took more interest in the dangers it poses without starting to beak off about freedoms it would help a lot.
Then there was getting himself caught without a mask. He doesn’t take it seriously, why should his fans? Simply because it is the right thing to do. We are all done with COVID but COVID may not be done with us. Getting a vaccine and doing the courtesy of wearing a mask in stores are the best. I know people who have had multiple waves of COVID wash through their homes and they did not get it because they followed the protocols.
Then there is kitty COVID. I know a lot of people scoff at the CBC. But in doing that they miss a lot of important information they just won’t get from Fox Propaganda. This time it wasn’t that the three per centers had established themselves in Alberta. It was about Omicron and the virologist studying it. She has a theory that for Omicron to suddenly be everywhere and taking over, it had to be spreading through the animal population before moving into humans.
This makes sense. Various species have been known to get it from people. Mink, cats, dogs, deer. . .in China they are killing hamsters. There was an idea that we couldn’t catch it from Fifi and Sylvester but that makes no sense. Most roads travel in two directions.
There are a couple points here.
First, getting vaccinated may help the critters not get it and at some point give it back to you.
Second, Kenney was glad to let us know the COVID levels in waste water. That is sewage. Better observance of the guidelines by those lions who think they are being led by sheep might have saved us from it getting loose in the world. And treating sewage better might have stopped it from spreading so fast.
The virologist also worried about it getting into livestock, and how this could affect the food chain.
All in all, I give Kenney and F- for his handling of the pandemic.
Sort of a bit better than his economic policies. How many millions did he blow on his war room?
I do think he is trying to take Alberta out of Canada. Before you sign on for the trip it might be a good idea to see where he wants to take us.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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