Letter – No need to promote right-wing

I am going to stop buying and reading the South Peace News. There is so much right-wing content that I have lost all faith in your editorial fairness.

Every week there is another letter [commentary] from some BS ‘conservative’ bafflegabbing you with cherry picked facts and twisted reasoning. These guys are all being paid by someone who wants their BS put out there without anyone knowing why these talking heads are puking all over the truth.

Given the nature of the forces you are supporting you are very fortunate that you have not had [considerable negative] blowback.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney blew all that money on a pipeline that will not be finished.

Given that there must be some money in oilsands or it would not be getting piped halfway across the world. What he should have done was build a refinery near Edmonton or somewhere where there would have been hundreds of jobs here in Alberta.

Including pipelines that would take the oilsands products out of the province. This is not an issue that only has one solution – yours!

They may save Kenney from wasting more taxpayer’s money or our pension funds. He promised that the CPP monies would be invested ‘profitably’ – like the taxes when he butted in on a COVID update.

Someone suggested he was going to sell us shares in return for the pension funds. When he blows it where will we get our pensions from?

Try being Canadians, and Albertans. You don’t like the burgeoning debt and demand your transfer payments. Do you have any idea how much money we got from Ottawa during the pandemic? Last report, Kenney held onto $600 million that was earmarked for front line workers. I bet his buddies are still stuffing that into sacks.

COVID is not the federal government’s fault. It is the fault of all the fool hardy individuals who wanted to rebel against something. Ontario Premier Doug Ford had a few choice things to say about the ‘yahoos’ who were protesting and then would go to the hospital demanding treatment for something they had deliberately exposed themselves to.

These guys you are giving space to all want to impose austerity on the country. Cut back the fat. There is none left. We have been bleeding money into an issue that was created by the buttheads who now want us to cut back, chiefly because they don’t think it will affect them.

Keep your powder try, I have had people tell me I tell it like it is.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie.

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