Letter – MLA ‘disconnected’

The people of Lesser Slave Lake have been feeling the strain due to the rising costs of utilities for some time now, and I know many families are struggling just to get by.
This has been an issue across all of Alberta, and we are still waiting for relief from our provincial government on how to help and address the rising cost to heat our homes and keep the lights on.
That is why I want to express my extreme disappointment in [Lesser Slave Lake] MLA Pat Rehn, who very recently stood in the legislature and actually praised the government on their lack of action.
Rehn continues to be disconnected from what we are dealing with each and every day, failing to be the champion we need. To stand up in the legislature and pat his colleagues on the back for a $50 rebate that barely scratches the surface of some households’ massive monthly utility bills, and which won’t be delivered until possibly next year, is cowardly.
It seems as though MLA Rehn will do anything to stay in the good books of his caucus, except stand up and work for the residents of Lesser Slave Lake. It was his lack of presence and availability that got him kicked out of his own caucus after all, not shortly after he abandoned our communities during the second wave of COVID-19 so he could vacation in Mexico.
I, for one, am ready for a change. And that is why I’m excited to work for this community as we approach the next election. I hope to address the affordability issues we’re facing, ensure we have strong access to healthcare, and can finally trust our government again.
I’m looking forward to working hard for my community, and giving Lesser Slave Lake a strong voice in the Alberta legislature.

Danielle Larivee,
NDP candidate
for Lesser Slave Lake

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