Letter – Keep opinions to yourself!

I am responding to the article “Council stands firm on CAO hiring” in the July 6 edition of your paper.
In this article, Chris Clegg assumes that my use of the word “we” in a Facebook conversation, applies to the rest of council and in fact states the names of each council member he assumes I am speaking for.
I believe a proponent of good reporting is not placing the opinion of the reporter in the article as fact, that would be more appropriate in an editorial; however, as you have clearly pointed out I erred in using the word “we” and in doing so gave the impression that I was speaking on behalf of council.
I was, in fact, not speaking on anyone’s behalf but my own and want to apologize to the rest of council, especially those that you named as it was never my intent to have my words placed in their mouth.
I would also like to take this time to encourage the community to look at who we are as people and the strengths that make us a great place to live. I have been amazed and encouraged by those in this community that walk in grace and forgiveness so was disappointed when the opportunity to show some of the same to another individual presented itself, we abandoned the very qualities that we champion. Opportunities abound to do good in each day, we just need to move past our fears and let the beauty of who we are take flight.

Councillor Joh Dunn,
Town of High Prairie

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