Letter – ‘I know I will not be voting for. . .’

I’m writing to express my disappointment with the mayor and council [Town of High Prairie] over the recent fiasco hiring a CAO.
The amount of public vitriol directed toward Sherry Poole is astounding coming from council members who are supposed to be professional. I will assume that since Poole got an interview that she had the qualifications for the position and that our mayor and whoever else was on the personnel committee checked the references that Poole provided them with before she was offered the job.
What I also find appalling is that a member of the public could come to a “special meeting” and complain about a 30-year grievance with Poole and that our mayor did not shut that nonsense down. Poole did not deserve that, nor was it relevant to her education, qualifications and references. Once the job offer was made, Poole would have been subject to a probationary period as any other employee. So why were there five special meetings to discuss things at a cost of $3,500 to the taxpayer in honorarium to the councillors?
As a female, I would be extremely supportive of a female CAO as there are so few of them. All this pubic whining, finger pointing and rumour mongering has damaged the reputation of Poole and the Town of High Prairie, as well as the credibility of our elected officials. Taxpayers need to know that when they vote for mayor and council that the decisions they make are in the best interest of the Town and its citizens and once a decision is made, they stand behind that decision.
I know I will not be voting for our mayor who can’t make and keep decisions, not some of our female councillors who have acted like immature mean girls, in any future elections.

Marla Willier,
High Prairie

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