Letter – High Prairie care facility should be used for dementia patients

To the Editor:
The presence of our new hospital facility (in High Prairie) fills me with happiness, with the prospect of added strength and hope for our surrounding communities.

In keeping with such forward-thinking practices, I wonder if any though might be given to use the existing J.B. Woods Nursing Home as a standalone demential ward?

Currently, because space can’t meet demand, some demential patients are being housed and are residents at the H.P. Lodge, the Manior du Lac in McLennan and at the Villa Beausejour in Falher.

Likewise, because we are seeing greater need for care while cases of dementia rise, I suggest the former J.B. Woods facility be used as another standalone dementia ward facility.

To my mind, the J.B. Woods facility is well suited for this endeavour, as it already exists as a secure “lockdown-capable” facility, which is wheelchair (accessible), has private units in existence already and has communal shared spaces for the residents’ activities.

The effect of using J.B. Woods as another facility could offset increasing demands for dementia needs, employ more registered nurses, Licensed
Practical Nurses and Personal Care Assistants, attract more population to our community and provide added jobs for meal service and cleaning of this facility.

I believe it would do well to remind ourselves of this great need as our population ages, plus utilize an existing structure as a standalone dementia ward.
Yvonne Sawchyn,
Personal Care Assistant

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