Letter – Forget about sovereignty

I was looking at MSN news and there was a piece about Danielle Smith and her wanting sovereignty like Quebec.
We need to forget about Quebec.
It’s a trigger and won’t make us any better off.
The google short explanation is that their special status is to maintain their culture and language.
Unless you are part of a cultural minorty here in Alberta, then it could work for you.
In the meantime. I can think of things that will make life better for all Albertans in the long run.
Every renter resides at the landlords pleasure.
Owning your own home can be real peace of mind.
The Alberta government should provide ONE interest free mortgage for every Albertan.
There would have to be a limit of course but once established it would be self sustaining.
Completely decriminalize cannabis.
This will save a great deal of time, enregy and cost to the justice system and allow people who use it for medical needs to have as much as they need.
Growing their own will have the healthcare system a great deal of expense for drugs that don’t work as well and cost a lot more.
Farmers should be encouraged to grow CBD as a field crop for the leaf not the bud.
A careful look at the royalty structure of oil that we export.
The last figure I heard for the royalty rates was 3% down from 30% when Lougheed was premier.
The compulsive need of people like Kenney to peddle our goods for nothing is something we need to look at.
Norway started a savings fund for their oil about the same tme we did and with the same royalty rates we did.
They now have trillions, or did.
Healthcare. We need to stop putting the squeeze on doctors and other professionals.
We have been in a pandemic for 3 years now.
And we need more capacity.
At one point the system was so overloaded that they would take someone to another hospital and turning around to bring them back.
The overtime for the ambulance drivers must have been sweet and I don’t begrudge them for a moment.
Staff shortages are rife now and trying to trim budgets the old fashioned way will only make it worse.
On the matter of illegal drugs I think that legalization of possession of small amounts of controlled sbstances along with programs that follow a reduction of harm path will help.
First of all it will give people who don’t have many options left a chance to get it together.
Secondly it will actually reduce not increase costs.
Keeping someone in jail isn’t cheap.
The newest figures I have was over $100K a year and that was 15 years ago.
We are in a time of upheaval, the old answers don’t work anymore and honestly they never really did.
Climate change is real as much as some people like to deny it.
And Covid is not the end of it.
Monkey pox is on its way and so is polio.
The government needs to find a way to convince people that vaccines aren’t the root of evil.
The last time I checked there was woman still sleeping in an iron lung after getting polio way back then.
Long covid still isn’t completely understood although there is speculation that it ages the brain 20 years in some cases.
Getting your panties in a bunch over sovereignty is a sign your head is burried in the sand or you are just trying to trigger people to gain political points.

Eva Sartorius
High Prairie

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