Letter – Foreign influence must stop

Subject: Stop foreign influence, foreign money, foreign agendas which are manipulating all Canadians. Enough!

The Coastal Gaslink Pipline has been approved by 20 First Nations Bands which will provide 10,000 jobs which will provide $6.6 billion of prosperity for British Columbia.

For several years we have been played by foreigners who are getting richer by blocking all our natural resources from getting to markets. It is time to stop these foreigners, with their foreign influence, foreign money and foreign agendas which have crippled the entire Canadian economy.

Currently, they are manipulating our First Nations peoples of British Columbia and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, turning them against each other. Meanwhile, fueling angry sentiment from other Canadians so that it may turn into civil anarchy, which is exactly what the foreigners want.

Instead, we need to take control of our house and stop the southern puppeteers from controlling our destiny. It is 1812 all over again and all Canadians need to unite against these manipulative foreigners.

These foreigners are orchestrating civil unrest and desperation within Canada.

I am a teacher, and farmer of 30 years living in the west. My grain is not getting to markets yet my bills have to be paid. Our family members’ jobs have been cut in the oil energy sector with no rebound in sight.

Yes, we are hurting, angry and desperate!

In a representative democracy, I understand the voice of the majority and rule of law prevails but the voices of minorities also need to be heard. The Canadian-wide blockades are affecting me, a minority [in a conservative constituency, a teacher, a farmer], my farming neighbours and other Canadian citizens who are paying taxes to use these blocked highways and pay for CN services. These foreigners are currently manipulating and dividing all Canadians to prevent economic projects such as Tech Frontier, TMX extension, and now the coastal gas link.

I urge you to see through these foreigners schemes and reunite our Canadian people.

“United we stand. Divided we fall!” – 1812 is around the corner.

Michelle Pitre,
Girouxville, AB

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