Letter – Final say always rests with voters

The people must be able to remove bad officials.

Officials are hired for the purpose of representing the people. Government officials are our employees and any executive can be removed by the board. The people are the board over governments. We must have the power to remove any and all bad officials, without waiting for an election.

It is ludicrous saying some are trying to have officials removed from office for frivolous/self-centered reasons. There are required procedures, but current requirements are unattainable, unfair and ridiculous. Voting officials in or out must be based upon qualified voters deciding.

Yet, to remove an official currently requires 40 per cent of the entire population, including those not qualified to vote.

The Government of Alberta is potentially changing the entire population requirement for removing an official. Hopefully, changes will be made quickly and become much fairer, because a lot of damage can be done by bad officials. A great deal in fact, especially the higher up the chain they are.

For example: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal government’s scandals, lies, ethics violations, election interference, endless spending of taxpayers’ money, massive debt of trillions, carbon taxes, increasing homelessness, others concerned they can’t afford basic necessities of life, censorship, and much, much more. More countless and terrible things that have taken Canada from a rich, resourceful, self-sustainable country that once was the envy of the world; but is now on a horrible downward spiral into poverty.

So, it is very necessary to have the ability to remove those from office who are using and abusing their position as soon as possible, thus preventing further damage.

Officials, and all those in public office (including CAOs, who are fired must not get sweetheart deals either. No compensation for doing a bad job and their firing must be made public.

Far too often many still get compensation and make the jurisdiction sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing knowledge of their firing and the reason(s) why.

The public has a right to know all, and must have the right to refuse compensating bad employees who have been fired.

Non-disclosure agreements shouldn’t exist at all, except for proprietary reasons. A non-disclosure agreement must never be allowed to protect the guilty, or allow them to circumvent accountability, because then they will profit and repeat the same process elsewhere.

Example: two CAO’s in Brampton, ON, who were fired, but then were paid $1.5 million last year – more than two years after their firings. This provides evidence of how bad employees are profiting on the backs of taxpayers. Two of Brampton’s highest paid employees don’t even work there.

A new Bill before the Senate would crack down on non-disclosure agreements (CBC News).

We must demand more from officials, especially the higher they are in office.

Never accept that politicians/officials lie. Demand that they don’t. Hold the accountable for everything, to the highest levels of integrity, honourability, honesty, morals, and ethics, etc., for we cannot allow bad officials and/or governments to continue.

Stand up against this for everyone’s benefit, now and for the future.

Don’t wait for anyone else. We must all act now for the benefit of each of us and for future generations.

Lori McKay,
High Prairie

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