Letter – Falher residents, businesses encouraged to contact municipality with any concerns they have

Editor’s note: Adele Parker submitted this letter to the editor on her own behalf, not on behalf of the Town of Falher.
To the Editor:
As you may know, the Falher Town Council and Staff have come under harsh judgement as of late.

As I sit in prayer, I ask “why is this happening,” “what is it that I have done that has brought such judgement against us.” I resolve…. “that’s it, I’m done”, and then He reminds me why He brought me back to this region with my family. He reminds me why He gave me the position with the Town of Falher, and that it is for His Glory that I do my job. He reminds me that His blessings are the “Thanks” for my work.

And then He reminds me of all the blessings! The wonderful, dedicated hardworking staff for the Town of Falher, that come in each day with the purpose of serving their community, and they keep coming in even when it is often thankless, and we get yelled at, and it’s our fault ….. They keep working, and they keep bringing their ideas of how we can make the Town better, and how we can do it more efficiently, and how we can save the Town money ….. Yes, the Town Staff are truly a blessing!

He reminds me “the Government will be on His shoulders.” He reminds me of the blessings I have, working for the Falher Town Council. From past and current mayors and councillors, that I have had the privilege to serve, I have been blessed.

Their loyalty, dedication and perseverance for the Community amaze and inspire me. The trials and tribulations they have endured, the countless meetings, the petitioning to the Ministers of Municipal Affairs; Transportation; Environment; Energy……, all for their Community!

I see their sacrifice for the Town of Falher, I see their allegiance and devotion, and I know that along with their family and friends, there are many residents from the Town of Falher that see it as well!

Thank you, Falher Town Council, for the blessing you are to the staff, to the residents of the Town of Falher and to me.

He then reminds me of the blessings of my family, my church family and my friends, that He has given me to help me weather this storm and those yet to come!

My husband, for honouring my wishes to stay silent and God’s wishes to forgive, for all the loving prayers and words of encouragement from my family, my sister in Christ, the young adults from our church and our Pastor! God bless you!

And finally, He reminds me, that in everything that happens He will ensure it is transformed for our good and His Glory, and that through this “storm” I have been reminded of all His Blessings!

To those residents and businesses that have concerns with the decisions made by the Town of Falher, come to us, come to council and work with us to resolve your disputes.

As always, we are here to serve.
Adele Parker,
Chief Administrative Officer,
Town of Falher

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