Letter – COVID pandemic merely a scam

You will find very little difference from before and after COVID.
In the early days people had to register for a COVID test. Some people registered for the test, then when they say how long the lineup was decided to skip it. Then the next day got notified that they tested positive for COVID.
Pretty good for not taking the test, eh!
My niece’s husband’s uncle was in the hospital, recovered, went home and was shoveling snow off his sidewalk. He down and hit his head on the ice and died. Alberta Health Services wanted to blame that on COVID but backed down when threatened with a lawsuit.
The same thing happened when a little boy died of cancer, the family had to fight to stop his death being blamed on COVID.
How many more cases like this are there? That just goes to show you how honest our government is.
Just about every person I talk to agrees with me that COVID is the biggest joke of the century.
If you check the death rate of every country in the world, you will find out that there is very little difference before and after COVID. That suggests that the world’s governments are just pushing people around.
When are governments going to stop?

Donald Bissell,
Enilda, AB

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