Letter – Careful what you support

Re: The Page, “Truckers, we support you”

So, The Page is in support of the so-called “Trucker Convoy”. In support of:

  • days of blockades costing the Canadian economy hundreds of millions of dollars;
  • days of insistent, continuous, unnecessary horn blowing, loud music and all-night party activity with no regard for residents;
  • forced closure of businesses resulting in loss of employment for many;
  • the disrespecting of a Canadian War Memorial and statue of a true Canadian hero;
  • the display of offensive flags and symbols;
  • etc., etc., etc.
    Yup, sounds like a real good bunch we should all throw our support behind!
    I wonder how supportive The Page would be if this was taking place in our communities? The Page would be better served to express support for the 90 per cent of truckers doing their jobs and the majority of Canadians doing all they can to keep themselves, loved ones and their fellow Canadians healthy.

Jean Sheldon,
Kinuso, AB

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