Letter – Careful what you ask for

I was watching Power and Politics the other night and Don Braid got his face on the TV and caught my attention when he was asking a question I have been asking myself: “What did Jason Kenney really do?”
I have a few theories but the main thrust of the show was the UCP leadership race. I could feel my ticker missing beats in horror.
Now let me be honest. I am not a big fan of any of these people. Leela Aheer has offended me the least but she hasn’t had a chance yet.
To Braid, the front runners were Trevor Toews and Danielle Smith, who for awhile was wearing her track shoes to work.
Toews in the finance minister. My first memory of him was when he got up on Power and Politics and announced that one of the ways they were going to save money was to de-index AISH. The minister of finance should really have known that AISH never was indexed. When he got back to his office to see where the funds that were “indexed” were there should have been heads rolling all over his shiny new carpet.
As for Danielle Smith, oh my God! She is coming out swinging. She is ready to take on the federal government. Careful, girl, I am not Justin Trudeau’s biggest fan either but look what it got Kenney, former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister. Of the five who proudly bill themselves as the resistance on the cover of Macleans, only Ford is left.
Her two idols are apparently Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Noem distinguished herself for refusing to say she would allow a 10-year-old to have an abortion, she just kept saying she wanted to ensure that every child was cared for. A child had been molested by a family member and had to travel to another state for her health care. She is also against doing anything about COVID.
DeSantis had his own solution to the COVID problem. Early on he just started covering things up. He fired a data scientist, then had his home raided. It would be hard to estimate how many actual cases they had because there were so many people who likely took their own personal case back home.
And DeSantis’ biggest donor was the guy whose company made the stuff he was so thoughtfully passing out like water at about $7,000 per round of treatment.
It’s easy to do politics when you are not doing anything. What a new COVID variant more contagious than all the rest put together. . .don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter if the health care system is imploding. Just do what Texas did and start sending the sickest patients home to die.
Want to fight with Trudeau, be my guest. I got some giggles out of the Kenney version.
Whoever the final winner is, remember that rhetoric is nothing more than BS.
The province needs people who can actually do the work.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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